Tom Maciejewski

for Town Council of Berkeley Heights

"Government cannot make man richer, but it can make him poorer." -Ludwig von Mises

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Why I  am running: 

I am running for Town Council to offer an independent  Council voice to  Berkeley Heights.   One to protect the tax payers and to represent all of Berkeley Heights.    Berkeley Heights absolutely needs an independent thinker who can provide solutions and question initiatives that may not have the residents best interest at heart.  I will approach the job honestly and with integrity and humility.    

I will focus on two main initiatives: 

  1. Reduction of  Municipal Taxes
  2. Improvement of Communication / Transparency 

It is important to have someone who can offer a different perspective creating a smaller governement and focusing on lowering taxes.  

I will do all I can to greatly improve communication and  transparency.    It is imprerative that the Town Council do as much as it can to ensure that people who are interested get the level of information that they desire.  

It would be my honor to serve Berkeley Heights as a Libertarian. I will bring Libertarian ideals of Peace, Prosperity and Freedom to the Council.  It is my honor running to serve Berkeley Heights as part of the Libertarian Party.    


About me: 

My name is Edmund Thomas Maciejewski.  I was born and raised in Union County and have lived in Berkeley Heights for the past 11 years.  I work in the financial industry as a computer programmer and business analyst.  I own a small business which started out as an ISP and web hosting company.  I still run a few larger sized websites for the health and science fields.   I have a degree in Chemical Engineering from NJIT.  

I have been married for 21 years.  I have two children in the Berkeley Heights school district.  I also have a daughter who has graduated Seton Hall University and Stetson Law and is a member of the NJ State Bar.  My mother, Margaret Maciejewski, lives in town and is part of the senior community.  I enjoy travel, photography, crossfit and physics.  As a traveler I have travelled through 25+ countries and over 30 states  

I am actively involved in the Libertarian Party at both the State and National level, acting as a delegate for the national party.  I worked in Tower 1 of the World Trade Center for Lehman Brothers on 9/11 and survived the attack.  The events after the attack have partially molded my political principles.  After 9/11, I realized that both the mainstream political parties, media and special interest groups used the attack to promote personal agendas.   Many new hate/fear based initiatives were proposed and put into place.   People were vulnerable at the time and I believe unwittingly gave away many of their liberties in the name of fighting evil.