A Positive Message for Change in Berkeley Heights Town Council

June 18, 2017
Edmund Tom Maciejewski's vision is a simple one of positivity:  Let the people of Berkeley Heights have open access and improved communication as to what is going on in our Town Council.  Let the people of Berkeley Heights have open channels of communication for extended conversations and debate about what is going on in our town.  Let the people of Berkeley Heights have an active say as to how our tax dollars are spent especially for projects that have long-term impacts...
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Announcing my Candidacy for Berkeley Heights Town Council 2017

June 4, 2017
Today I have announced my candidacy for Berkeley Heights Town Council for the 2017 race.    I am running as a Libertarian and looking to promote Liberty,  Fiscal Conservatism, and Open Government.   Over the next couple of weeks, I will release my platform.
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100 Locust Berkeley Heights PILOT Cost Benefit Analysis Denied By Clerk.

May 14, 2017
Berkeley Heights Town Council negotiated a PILOT deal with developers of the 100 Locust property.   Under the details of this deal, the developers could potentially only pay 20% of their fair share of taxes for the development.   In an attempt to understand why we are giving developers such drastic tax abatements,  I OPRA'd the Cost Benefit Analysis for the 100 Locust PILOT.    It appears either the Council never bothered to do one OR they do not want the public to see it.
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What is a Libertarian?

April 20, 2017
My name is Edmund Tom Maciejewski , I am currently running for Berkeley Heights Town Council under the Libertarian Party .  As I start my 2017 campaign, I would like to demystify exactly what a Libertarian is and why I have chosen to not only to be a Libertarian but to represent the Libertarian Party in Berkeley Heights.  Here are the basic tenets of Libertarianism:  Individualism - individuals make choices and are responsible for their actions.
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Jeanne Kingsley, Marc Faecher and the Rest of the Council Decide that 2% Cost of Living Adjustment is Not Enough

March 22, 2017
During last night's Town Council Meeting, the Mayor and Council once again indicated that they would not abide by a cost of living increase that you and I live by. Instead of living by the COLA that the State assigns to municipalities, the Council quietly and without discussion, introduced an ordinance allowing up to 3.5% increases - but only capped for some items. The other items, the ones that you and I have trouble with and the ones that should be capped, will have no cap (ex.
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Berkeley Heights Uses Legal Suppression to Deprive Public of Its Rightful Referendum Say on Debt and Costly Non-Essential Spending.

March 19, 2017
The New Jersey Constitution recognizes that there is a particularly strong need for public participation, in the form of a referendum, in a legislative decision to incur indebtedness.  Mayor Robert Woodruff and Councilmembers Jeanne Kingsley, Marc Faecher,Michael D’Aquila, Craig Pastore, Peter Bavoso and Manny Couto  are going to great lengths to restrictively ignore the public’s wishes regarding the incurring of a huge unnecessary debt.
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Mayor Robert Woodruff of Berkeley Heights Caught in Yet Another Lie

March 17, 2017
Berkeley Heights Mayor Robert Woodruff releases a video with some deceitful comments.    Here he states that the people in town support redevelopment, hinting that they support the outrageous and elaborate $33,000,000 municipal building.     This is the same Mayor that decided not to do any sort of referendum, binding or non-binding to see if the people wanted this project.
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Union County Prosecutor's Office told the Berkeley Heights Library Board of Trustees that it violated the Open Public Meetings Act (OPMA)

March 12, 2017
In a   March 6, 2017, letter , the Union County Prosecutor's Office told the Berkeley Heights Library Board of Trustees that it had violated the Open Public Meetings Act by discussing contract negotiations during a nonpublic session with the other party to the contract in attendance.     This comes only a few weeks after the Mayor and Council refused to present, vote on or officially discuss the Berkeley Heights Sunshine Act , claiming that Berkeley Heights Council and Boards go above and beyond what is required by OPMA.
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Petition filed under the Faulkner Act

March 2, 2017
Earlier this week I handed in a petition with over 400 signatures from Berkeley Heights Voters stating that they would like to repeal the $28,000,000 bonding for the municipal building complex or submit it to a vote.  My goal was to get 334 signatures in the shortest amount of time possible.     The Faulkner Act requires 15% of the Ballots cast in the municipality during the last General Assembly election.
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BOARD OF TRUSTEES Free Public Library of Berkeley Heights Ignores OPMA

February 14, 2017
It seems that the transparency issue is widespread, not only with the Town Council itself but also with Board OF Trustees for the BH Library.     Recording public meetings is a right afforded to us by NJ Common Law.   However, the Berkeley Heights Library Board of Trustees do not think this applies to them.      I attempted to document and educate the public by broadcasting our towns committees.
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