September 28, 2016
If Elected I Vow to Stop the Swap!  Many residents in town are confused about the status of "The SWAP".   Some think it had failed while others seem to think that the SWAP is a done deal and that it cannot be stopped.  Both are incorrect assumptions. In fact this single election will determine whether it goes through or not. I personally believe that initiatives of such scale absolutely need to go before a public vote and not be pushed forth by officials with conflicts of interest.
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September 26, 2016
What is the best way to address the poor state of the roads in Berkeley Heights?  There are actually more important issues going on in the town then roads, such as the lack of communication and trust in the town government, cronyism, and the $27M new municipal building that is being forced on us through the SWAP initiative, Poor road conditions are certainly an annoyance and we are constantly reminded of potholes and deteriorating storm drains.
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Open Government

September 23, 2016
  Open Government: why do we need it? Berkeley Heights needs to move in the direction of Open Government.    A significant percentage of our town has a general distrust in our local representatives.  An even greater percentage does not feel informed about the major initiatives that are going on in town.    Many residents can not attend the regular meetings and have a hard time finding relevant documents or videos on line.
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Restricting our Right to Record

September 22, 2016
  Public officials, who are acting properly, should never be afraid of having their actions recorded and viewed by as many interested members of the public as possible.  The Mayor and Council members have tried to characterize my efforts to make video recordings of Council meetings and meetings of the Downtown Beautification Committee as stalking and acts of terrorism (falsely claiming that the video camera was an unattended object).  I think that most...
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Recording Public Meetings

September 20, 2016
Why can't everyone record meetings?   Over the past few months I have been broadcasting the Berkeley Heights Town Council and the Downtown Beautification and Communications Committee meetings. I have been doing this because people have mentioned that they were unable to regularly attend these meetings but were curious about what is going on around town. For these broadcasts I have been using my cell phone and a small travel tripod at my seat and simply broadcasting to Facebook Live.
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Maciejewski For Councilman

September 7, 2016
Signs are in!   If you want one on your lawn to help out our cause please email me through the "Contact" menu item.   I can deliver and install your signs.   
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Edmund Tom Maciejewski is the only real choice for Berkeley Heights Town Council 2016

August 26, 2016
The real question to ask yourself this election is the following:  "Do you unquestionably believe that the Berkeley Heights Town Council is doing a perfect job?"   if your answer to this question is yes then you have 3 other candidates to choose from.     As the other candidates have been hand selected, they will follow blindly in the same path that the town has been following.
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Berkeley Heights Council Determined to Deny the Citizens a Vote

August 18, 2016
The LOCAL REDEVELOPMENT AND HOUSING LAW ( LRHL ) can be used by a municipality to  declare that an area is in need of redevelopment. That is a polite way of saying it is blighted. Once the local  government makes a determination that an area is need of redevelopment it can create a redevelopment plan and designate a redeveloper to carry out the plan. N.J.S.A  40A:12A-5  has 8 criteria that can used to find that an area  is in need of redevelopment.
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Mayor Woodruff Attacks Candidate

August 13, 2016
During the last Town Council meeting it seemed like the first 30 minutes of the Town Council was reserved for attacking the Libertarian Candidate Edmund Tom Maciejewski ( me ).    Firstly, I find this exceptionally curious,  what does a candidate have to do with running the town?    Why should the mayor be addressing a facebook post or campaing discussion points in the middle of the town council?    Then have one of the Republican Candidates come up and bark out that he is ashamed of the those that contradict the Town Council.
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Has the Berkeley Heights Democrat Ever Paid Property Taxes?

August 4, 2016
While I believe that all people should be somewhat involved in their town government,  I feel that it is difficult for someone who has never had to pay property taxes or market value rent  to understand the feeling of writing that check.  When I was having my first child I commanded: "push",  she turned to me and yelled to me to shut the <expletive> up.    The pain of childbirth can only be understood by someone who has gone through it.
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