Welcome to Berkeley Heights Signs

July 17, 2016
Just saw that Berkeley Heights got some new signs made for the town.   While they look nice, there are a few things I need to question.     First thing is the pricetag.   The cost was around $10K for the new signs.   I need to question if this was one of the most urgent needs of the town?   Was this the best use of $10K we could find?    The old signs seem to be in perfect shape and have a similar look to them.
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Berkeley Heights Mayor's Round Table

July 15, 2016
It has come to my attention that Berkeley Heights spends a boatload of cash on what is called the Mayor's Round Table.  By title, this may seem like a good thing to have in the town. But once you hear the details, you may change your mind.  The communication is one directional;  There is no chance for the public to ask questions;  The questions are preselected;  The interviewer only asks friendly questions - never the tough questions that people want...
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Berkeley Heights Town Website

July 5, 2016
I am working with other Berkeley Heights residents to create some specs / feature requests to be presented to the town.  The current "new website" project has been around for years now and the deadline keeps getting pushed back.   I would like to see the new website include features that the town is requesting, not just a redesign of the current site with a different logo.  The town is looking for increased transparency and an easy way to search for information.  Currently...
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Which 2016 Presidential Candidate do you side with the most?

June 27, 2016
Do you know which Presidential Candidate you side with the most in 2016?   Here is a short quiz that will show you how much you side with each candidate.   It takes about 10 minutes to complete.   I have found it to be very accurate.    http://isidewith.com
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