Mayor Woodruff Attacks Candidate

August 12, 2016
During the last Town Council meeting it seemed like the first 30 minutes of the Town Council was reserved for attacking the Libertarian Candidate Edmund Tom Maciejewski ( me ).    Firstly, I find this exceptionally curious,  what does a candidate have to do with running the town?    Why should the mayor be addressing a facebook post or campaing discussion points in the middle of the town council?    Then have one of the Republican Candidates come up and bark out that he is ashamed of the those that contradict the Town Council.
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Has the Berkeley Heights Democrat Ever Paid Property Taxes?

August 4, 2016
While I believe that all people should be somewhat involved in their town government,  I feel that it is difficult for someone who has never had to pay property taxes or market value rent  to understand the feeling of writing that check.  When I was having my first child I commanded: "push",  she turned to me and yelled to me to shut the <expletive> up.    The pain of childbirth can only be understood by someone who has gone through it.
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Berkeley Heights $1M bond being voted on August 9th.

July 31, 2016
On Tues Aug 9th, 2016 the Berkeley Heights Town Council will vote on a Bond Ordinance to approve a $1,058,000 bond.     I am a bit concerned about this as the wording in the bond seems to be purposefully vague.   Including words like "various" and "including but not limited to".    In addition, it was noted in the last town council meeting ( by Ed Delia ), that bond money is often used for something other than what is origionally allocated to.
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We are making a difference in Berkeley Heights

July 25, 2016
I am seeing a great momentum change in town. I think we are making a difference!   Thanks to everyone helping get the word out that we are sick and tired of business as usual politics and that we expect more from the people who represent us.   In the recent weeks I have seen some progress and changes to the way they used to do things.  It shows that when we all get together we can make positive changes.
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Welcome to Berkeley Heights Signs

July 17, 2016
Just saw that Berkeley Heights got some new signs made for the town.   While they look nice, there are a few things I need to question.     First thing is the pricetag.   The cost was around $10K for the new signs.   I need to question if this was one of the most urgent needs of the town?   Was this the best use of $10K we could find?    The old signs seem to be in perfect shape and have a similar look to them.
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Berkeley Heights Mayor's Round Table

July 15, 2016
It has come to my attention that Berkeley Heights spends a boatload of cash on what is called the Mayor's Round Table.  By title, this may seem like a good thing to have in the town. But once you hear the details, you may change your mind.  The communication is one directional;  There is no chance for the public to ask questions;  The questions are preselected;  The interviewer only asks friendly questions - never the tough questions that people want...
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Berkeley Heights Town Website

July 5, 2016
I am working with other Berkeley Heights residents to create some specs / feature requests to be presented to the town.  The current "new website" project has been around for years now and the deadline keeps getting pushed back.   I would like to see the new website include features that the town is requesting, not just a redesign of the current site with a different logo.  The town is looking for increased transparency and an easy way to search for information.  Currently...
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Which 2016 Presidential Candidate do you side with the most?

June 27, 2016
Do you know which Presidential Candidate you side with the most in 2016?   Here is a short quiz that will show you how much you side with each candidate.   It takes about 10 minutes to complete.   I have found it to be very accurate.
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