Taxation Is Theft Tie

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Anyone who doesn't wear this is NOT a real libertarian! Why the high price tag? Taxation Is Theft is a media organization that has been fighting hard against biased social media algorithms to bring the message that Taxation Is Theft to a mainstream audience. Not only do we bring great content to libertarians and anarchists about taxation, we help to wake people up around the world to the uselessness of and abuse that follows taxation. While we do raise some money through the sale of our tees and propaganda, it does not cover the expense of all the work that we do. Until now, most of the efforts to build our network have been mostly privately funded by the founder Dan "Taxation Is Theft" Behrman. In the past few months, our videos have been watched by a jaw dropping 7 million people. In order to grow and get the message to an even larger audience, we are taking donations and awarding you with this tie. If you are going to be in New Orleans for the convention, this tie is a ticket to a private lunch with Dan.