BOARD OF TRUSTEES Free Public Library of Berkeley Heights Ignores OPMA

February 14, 2017

It seems that the transparency issue is widespread, not only with the Town Council itself but also with Board OF Trustees for the BH Library.    

Recording public meetings is a right afforded to us by NJ Common Law.   However, the Berkeley Heights Library Board of Trustees do not think this applies to them.     

I attempted to document and educate the public by broadcasting our towns committees.  However, they adjourned the meeting rather than allowing it to be recorded.      

What is there to hide?   

Well coincidentally they were meeting that day to do "contract negotiations" regarding the Little Flower Church property.    This was not on the agenda and people dont usually go to these meetings.   They started the meeting by closing the door and going into "Executive Session".     After the executive session meeting they asked for me to stop recording, when I did not, they adjourned the meeting.