Berkeley Heights $1M bond being voted on August 9th.

July 31, 2016

On Tues Aug 9th, 2016 the Berkeley Heights Town Council will vote on a Bond Ordinance to approve a $1,058,000 bond.    

I am a bit concerned about this as the wording in the bond seems to be purposefully vague.   Including words like "various" and "including but not limited to".    In addition, it was noted in the last town council meeting ( by Ed Delia ), that bond money is often used for something other than what is origionally allocated to.     

This particular bond was questioned on a few fronts by Ed Delia.   One question he had was about the Fire House costs.   This bond has $150,000 allocated to the Fire House but bids have not yet be receieved so that the real caost is not known.  

Another question was about the "Hook Truck".  Ed claimed that this $100,000 acquisition is unneeded and that dumpsters could be moved for $300 on an individual basis.   

My question is why is this bond being voted on over the Summer on August 9th and shouldnt there be better communication with the taxpayers over this bond?