Edmund Tom Maciejewski is the only real choice for Berkeley Heights Town Council 2016

August 26, 2016

The real question to ask yourself this election is the following:  "Do you unquestionably believe that the Berkeley Heights Town Council is doing a perfect job?"  

if your answer to this question is yes then you have 3 other candidates to choose from.     As the other candidates have been hand selected, they will follow blindly in the same path that the town has been following.  

However, if you think that it may be wise to have an independent thinker on the council, someone who will question ,who will communicate freely and openly and represent the entire town,  then I believe I am your only choice.   

I have simplified my campaign to two main pillars

  1. The reduction of Municipal Taxes 
  2. Improved Communication and Transparency for the Town

Everything I stand for can fall into one of these two categories.

I am the only candidate that will stop the pet projects,  focus only on essencial services and keep the public informed at every turn.    I will cut municipal taxes by at least 5%.  

I am the only candidate that will question spending, be prudent in all financial matters and reject spending practice that just don't make sense for the town.

I am the only candidate that will not only answer questions but will actively seek opinions.   I believe that comminication with and participation from the residents is essential to see our town move forward in a positive direction.    

I am the only candidate that will represent everyone in town, not just the select few.     

This is a very important election for the town.   I ask for your vote as the town needs a fiscally responsible member who is an independent thinker.    My name is Edmund Tom Maciejewski, Libertarian ( Column F ).    Please vote for me on Nov 8th, 2016.