What works in Newark doesn’t mean it is going to work in Berkeley Heights.

September 30, 2019

Manuel Couto’s plan to “Revitalize Downtown” includes:
“Work with building owners and nearby colleges and universities to rent/lease open retail space to create downtown satellite campus.”

Is this really what Berkeley Heights wants?

This may be great for Mannuel’s Newark.   But in Berkeley Heights?

Manuel has voted for 1408 new apartments in town,  voted to move the library to the downtown area, proposed to change the speed limit to 25 mph on springfield and now would like to put a satellite campus there?  

With all of Manuel’s overdevelopment there has been a lack of, or at least a lack of public access to meaningful traffic studies for how all of this new development will affect a day in the life of residents and parents and the safety of our children.   

Do we really want more incoming traffic down snyder and plainfield?  

There are some in this town trying to make Berkeley Heights into something it is not,  Berkeley Heights is not Newark, it is not Plainfield, it is not New Brunswick or Elizabeth.   Even Cranford’s campus is not located in its downtown.

I moved to Berkeley Heights because I wanted a quiet suburban town, free of traffic jams, a place that has a small town country feel to it while still having an easy commute.   Manuel’s vision spits in the face of all of that for those that think Berkeley Heights is pretty good the way it is potholes and all.