Welcome to Berkeley Heights Signs

July 17, 2016

Just saw that Berkeley Heights got some new signs made for the town.   While they look nice, there are a few things I need to question.     First thing is the pricetag.   The cost was around $10K for the new signs.   I need to question if this was one of the most urgent needs of the town?   Was this the best use of $10K we could find?    The old signs seem to be in perfect shape and have a similar look to them.    I need to question why the Town Council has chosen this project for tax allocation.     

The second issue and this is the more concerning one, is that the "old" signs were donated by busineses, rather than through forced taxation.   It seems that having signs donated is a better solution than raising taxes for such ventures.    Also what will happen to these "old" signs that are in perfect shape.   From my understanding they will be torn down.   

I believe tearing down these donated signs sends the wrong message to the businesses and the taxpayer.  I personally feel this is insulting to the Berkeley Heights business owners who originally donate these signs.   I feel it is an an insult to the taxpayers because they are being forced to pay for something that they most likely didnt know about or desire, and something that could have been provided by the private sector.   

This is yet another overstep of the Berkeley Heights Town Council.