Big Checks from Union County

June 27, 2017

Big checks, and I mean of physical size rather than the amount written on it, by the County to Berkeley Heights is NOT a win for Berkeley Heights.

Every town in the County gets checks like these. However not every town pays the same amount of county taxes.

Councilmen and Freeholders alike love these big checks to make it seems like you the taxpayer are getting something for free, almost like you have won some sort of lottery. That is not how it works.

Property taxes are too high! Municipal, County and BOE spend too much money. NJ has the highest taxes in the country as well as having a state income tax. Enough is enough.

We need to stop the spending across the board. Municipal, County, BOEs across the state and the State itself.

Don't be fooled by one politician handing another politician an oversized check for a photo op. Realize that check is coming out of YOUR pocket and tell them to stop spending.