Honesty, Hard Work and Dedication

August 23, 2017

During council meetings, there are often hot debates, but it seems like even when you think that there is a straight forward question you get a song and dance from the Mayor.    Just take a look at this attached video.  

My campaign is simple.   It is based around Honesty, Communication and Fiscal Responsibility.   

Berkeley Heights historically has been notorious for deception in government and it is still going on today.    What I would like to bring to the table is MAXIMUM OPEN GOVERNMENT.   

The first step of this is: HONESTY.   Currently, we don't even have this in Berkeley Heights whose mayor and town council blatantly lie even when there are documents that prove otherwise.    They will claim that any statement that does not originate from them is misinformation, however, they are the ones who prefer to hide information from the public and even go to the extent of holding unscheduled, illegal executive sessions / closed door meetings rather than just letting the public in on the plans.  

My purpose for running for town council is to open up the floodgates of information and making it all or as much that is legal, available to the public.   Those that wish to sift through the information will have it available to do so.   I would also allow continuous uncensored open dialog.   I would make it my goal to communicate the going-ons in the town with as many people as possible.