Manuel Couto Lies About Road Repair

September 28, 2019

Manuel Couto has lied to the Berkeley Heights Residents once again.    This time about Berkeley Heights Road Repair.  

In a recent letter sent out from the Manuel Couto and Gentiana Brahimaj campaign a claim was made that  "the new administration ... has ended the six year capital road plan".   

This is a blatant lie.   Firstly the six year plan is a mandate from the state, all towns and councils must plan for capital spending.    

Secondly Manuel Couto has done/said nothing regarding road repair in Berkeley Heights.    The 15 year plan that has been in place was a listing of roads that were categorized by level of disrepair.   This plan was done back in 2015 before Manuel Couto was on the council.   

Thirdly due to major issues and arguably an emergency situation with the roads, the current administration actually accelerated the capital allocated to get the roads repaired sooner.   

I believe that this spend will actually save the township DPW time/money in the long run.   

Regardless of how you feel about this and other issues, lying for the sole sake of getting re-elected should be rejected.    This is not the first time Manuel has lied to us, the Berkeley Heights residents,  hopefully by voting him out we can make it his last.  

#AnyoneButCouto for Berkeley Heights Council 2019