Marc Faecher Drops Out of Race Amidst Controversy About Ethics

August 24, 2017

Marc Faecher drops out of the Berkeley Heights Township Council General Election after many questions arise about his ethics, in particular, his involvement in illegal closed door meetings and contracts providing tax abatements for developers. 

Recently the Union County Prosecutor sent a warning about Marc Faecher's involvement with an ILLEGAL executive session meeting/closed door meeting to discuss a $28,000,000 municipal building project.   This project is the same one that the Council resorted to a highly controversial legal loophole to deny the residents a vote on this project, resulting in the doubling of the Berkeley Heights debt.   

There has also been a stir about Mr. Faecher's dealings with developers offering them large tax abatements and again seemingly bypassing needs analysis which he claims were done, but when OPRA'd were refused or came back as no document.  

My guess is that upon this information coming out into the open, he chose to drop out of the race to avoid having to be found accountable for his actions.   Marc claims it is work related because his company was bought out, however that happened back in March when he was actively running for re-election.   

The Republican Party seem to be choosing to bypass the popular challenges, Foregger and Leo.    Details to come.