Mayor Robert Woodruff of Berkeley Heights Caught in Yet Another Lie

March 17, 2017

Berkeley Heights Mayor Robert Woodruff releases a video with some deceitful comments.    Here he states that the people in town support redevelopment, hinting that they support the outrageous and elaborate $33,000,000 municipal building.    

This is the same Mayor that decided not to do any sort of referendum, binding or non-binding to see if the people wanted this project.   In fact, in a recent council meeting he states that he has no idea if people want to double the town's debt for this municipal building project.   

In addition, he does not state that we were able to gather 15% of the voters in the last General Assembly Election to sign a petition against this project.    It is clear that the people are not in support of this ostentatious $33,000,000 municipal building.