Mayor Woodruff Attacks Candidate

August 13, 2016

During the last Town Council meeting it seemed like the first 30 minutes of the Town Council was reserved for attacking the Libertarian Candidate Edmund Tom Maciejewski ( me ).   

Firstly, I find this exceptionally curious,  what does a candidate have to do with running the town?    Why should the mayor be addressing a facebook post or campaing discussion points in the middle of the town council?    Then have one of the Republican Candidates come up and bark out that he is ashamed of the those that contradict the Town Council.    

I am confused how that is part of town business.    That seems more like campaigning than Town Business.  

Secondly there was misquote after misquote and strange math, and a very peculiar shouting session where he yelled out a selected definition of "Slush Fund", not sure if he was just playing lawyer OR he really doesnt understand there are multiple uses for words and you cant just force one definition and change the meaning of what someone else says.     The term slush fund is used in accounting to describe a general ledger account in which all manner of transactions can be posted to commingled funds and "loose" monies by debits and credits cancelling each other out.     This is exactly their wording for their bond ordinances allows. 

To top it all off, there has been a peculiar reporting from the local newspaper.   They took my letter to the editor and rather than posting my letter in whole, took it to the town council so they can add quotes and edits.    It seems that the editor used to be on the communications committee and is good friends with at least one Town Council member.  

 It is a shame there cant be unbiased reporting in town.