My Platform: Overdevelopment

June 5, 2020

Overdevelopment - I have spoken out for the past couple of years against the overdevelopment that is currently planned for Berkeley Heights.   I do not feel that Berkeley Heights did not get a reasonable affordable housing settlement.   Yes we settled but at a very significant cost to the current homeowners and businesses in Berkeley Heights.  

I have spoken out against PILOTs but keep seeing them thrown around by the town.  I am not sure if the people voting for “redevelopment” and “PILOTs” really understand the ramifications of what they are voting on and may just be following the recommendations from conflicted township professionals.  

All of this is leading to the complete loss of Berkeley Height’s small town feel that everyone who moved here enjoys.   What is on its way is massive amounts of traffic, ugly crowded apartments and condos and an abandoning of local businesses in favor of granting privileges to larger land owners.