My Platform: Spending Less

June 5, 2020

Spending - Berkeley Heights has been spending too much.   We have tripled our township debt over the past 4 years and municipal taxes are up significantly over the past 10 reaching an unsustainable level.   This year I pushed for a municipal tax cut, after a few iterations and counter offers, the township CFO was able to cut off enough fluff from the budget to remove the proposed 3.1% tax increase down to a 0% tax increase.    

However the Township Council quickly voted 6-0 on approving the Cap Bank vote, which loosens the belt on the appropriations ( spending ) Cap that is set by the state.   I feel this is a mistake.   It was mentioned that there were plans on upping spending next year.   

I believe that Berkeley Heights needs to spend within its means and within the guidelines set by the state rather than above that.    It can be done, as was proven this year, the township government controls all of the budget and not just the tiny sliver they have been telling the residents they control.