My Platform: Transparency and Honesty

June 5, 2020

Transparency and Honesty - The main items I am running on are transparency and honesty.   I believe that communication means to keep the residents as informed as they want to be about the good, the bad and the ugly.    Too much is hidden from the business and residents and much of what is done is not communicated swiftly enough for the residents to have time to gather the facts and to form opinions on it.   Many items are pushed through the council quickly and quietly.  

I have been pro-transparency for a while and pro-open discussion.   Noticing the lack of an uncensored forum where residents could talk about local issues openly, I started the Berkeley Heights Community forum.   I also played an instrumental role in ensuring that both the Township Council and Board of Education meetings are live streamed.   

I have been playing an active role in following the township meetings as well as documentation and report on it, in open discussion for  as much as I can.     Items like the “Muni Building Narrative” where the Council discussed how they can present uncomfortable costs with the residents in a deceptive way, is not what Berkeley Heights needs.   In order for the residents to feel like they are playing an active role in the community they should be told the truth, given the data and given the hard truth, even when it is not good.

I am an  honest conservative, who has the time and the ability and the will to do the work that is needed to provide Berkeley Heights with the best representation out of all of the candidates running this year.   I have been deeply involved in volunteering and am very charitable, but I do not think those things are what makes me the right candidate.   What Berkeley Heights needs is someone that is not beholden to special interests, who is willing to read what they are passing and who can balance the township experts' advice with feedback from the residents to make a decision based on their own analysis of the data.   That is what I bring to the table.  And that is why I am asking for your vote in the Berkeley Heights Republican Primary.