Petition filed under the Faulkner Act

March 2, 2017

Earlier this week I handed in a petition with over 400 signatures from Berkeley Heights Voters stating that they would like to repeal the $28,000,000 bonding for the municipal building complex or submit it to a vote. 

My goal was to get 334 signatures in the shortest amount of time possible.     The Faulkner Act requires 15% of the Ballots cast in the municipality during the last General Assembly election.    

I easily blew past the 334 and was only limited in the number of booklets that I printed out as I simply ran out of forms for people to sign.   From my observations, the residents in town are vehemently opposed to this bonding and doubling our town's debt to build an unreasonable and ostentatious municipal building.    

I was able to get over 400 signatures in less than a week from people walking past the Berkeley Heights Post Office or Dunkin' Donuts.    A significant majority of the people I spoke to signed the petition.     Many stated complaints about the out of control taxes and the poor state of the town in general.    "They can't even keep the roads in reasonable condition and now they want $28,000,000 for larger offices"  stated one resident.  

I would like to thank all of you for helping sign and supporting my efforts to get this pretentious special interest initiative put on the ballot.