September 28, 2016

If Elected I Vow to Stop the Swap! 

Many residents in town are confused about the status of "The SWAP".   Some think it had failed while others seem to think that the SWAP is a done deal and that it cannot be stopped.  Both are incorrect assumptions. In fact this single election will determine whether it goes through or not.

I personally believe that initiatives of such scale absolutely need to go before a public vote and not be pushed forth by officials with conflicts of interest.    The Berkeley Heights Taxpayer should not be forced to foot the $27,000,000 bill, without any meaningful say. 

WHY HASN’T THE SWAP BEEN COMPLETED? There is pending litigation since certain council members who are active members of Little Flower Church have voted to award contracts and participated in Executive sessions while having a conflict of interest.

WHAT STILL HAS TO TAKE PLACE? The town still has to pass an ordinance to complete this transaction. That takes 4 affirmative votes and 2 council members are recused for conflict of interest. 

If elected, I vow to VOTE NO and STOP THE SWAP!