Taxes for the Greater Good?

October 17, 2017

Somehow, other candidates in town are claiming that more tax is for the "greater good".  They provide reasons why we need to raise our taxes every year and try to make claims that it is out of the goodness of their hearts that more taxes are needed.   

I am claiming the opposite.   I have spoken to thousands of residents in Berkeley Heights and a majority of them either are strugglign to pay the ever increasing tax load that they are being burderend with, or are faced with a continuous decision to leave their homes for which some of them own outright and have lived in their entire lives.   

I claim that if we want to do something for the greater good we need to LOWER TAXES and shrink needless spending.  

I do not know how someone in their own good conscience can force people out of their homes for what equates to luxury.   

Every year, the council has a chance to LOWER TAXES yet, every year they increase spending.   This year they have really outdone themselves and have doubled our town's debt.   

I Edmund Tom Maciejewski, when elected pledge to do whatever it is in my power to LOWER TAXES.   I am the only fiscal conservative running.   

I would like to ask you for your vote on Nov. 7, 2017.  

Please vote Edmund Tom Maciejewski in Column F for Fiscal Conservative.