Council Looks to Reduce Transparency

January 23, 2017

During the Jan 24, 2017's Berkeley Heights Town Council meeting the Council will present changes to the Berkeley Heights Code seeking to close the door on committee meetings.    Why?

It is very peculiar that they really don't want the tax payer involved in any way in these Mayor Appointed Committee meetings.     They first tried to introduce an ordinance to stop the recording of these meetings but people in town voiced their disdain and the council backed off.  

Now only a few months afterwards they will try again by going after the code.    Why are they spending their time and effort to move these meetings into secrecy?   Why are they using the lawyer for this?    I really dont get it.   

I have attended these meetings and the only thing I can think of is that they dont want the public to see how useless these meetings are.    The last meeting I recorded was an hour long discussion on what kind of signs Berkeley Heights needs to put up in our downtown.  Anyone watching that meeting would probably ask,  why are we wasting any time with this?  

Regardless,  why not let people come down and take part in these meetings if that is what they want?   The Mayor needs to appoint people to this committee,  so not everyone can "volunteer" if they wanted and now they cant even see what they are doing.  

Our council has made it clear that they prefer not to be bothered by the tax payer.