Transparency Accountability Inclusion

I will support all of Berkeley Heights, not just a select few.   I would like to create a more inclusive government where the people of Berkeley Heights can have easy access to town data and information and play a more active role.    

From my discussions with the constituents, it is clear that people find it difficult to get clear information about what is going on in town.   They would not only like a better understanding of what is going on and how their tax money is being spent, but to be able to have a say in the matter.   

What I have already done: 
I was the first one to start Live Streaming Town Council Meetings. After my proof of concept and the Town Councils attempts at stopping my recordings, Berkeley Heights finally started Live Streaming on their own.  

I started the  Berkeley Heights Community Forum for open and uncensored political discussions where people can come on and ask questions, state their opinions and hear answers from others in town.   We currently have over 1500 members and hundreds of discussions. 

My plan includes:
Making all of the town's data, that is legal to be shared,  easily accessible to the public.  Currently one must file official OPRA requests to obtain the data.  

Doing unbiased write-ups of all meaningful and/or controversial agenda items and what my thoughts were about the topic and allowing open and uncensored comments by the residents.   

Pushing data and information out to the people to ensure that the people who wish to be informed can get clear information on exactly what is going on at the level of detail that they desire.  

I also believe that there needs to be accountability for budget overages and questionable spending.   As the only Fiscal Conservative that is running, I have seen too much spending in Berkeley Heights.   

I have and will continue to have an open door policy to discuss town issues  I am always easily accessible.   Although I have my own principles I would try to listen to as many opinions as feasible and take into Council the voices that have chosen me to represent them.      I will represent ALL of Berkeley Heights.