Berkeley Heights Zoning Scams

The Affordable Housing Scam

Berkeley Heights  is being coerced into allowing affordable housing units.   Each of these units can potentially lead to a significant increase in net expenditures as the tax revenues collected from said units will be minimal, but any school age children will cost roughly $14,000 each to send to school.   While I believe that affordable housing can exist as mandated by the state, there are better ways to make the affordable housing available.  As part of the town council I would look for solutions that work for the town.  


Stop the Swap

I propose that Berkeley Heights abandon the swap!  Why should Berkeley Heights spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal and other fees just so the residents can not vote on this initiative.

It seems by their actions they are sure that if it came down to a vote, the town would not support it,  so then why are they insisting on moving forward?   This is an instance of the government overstepping their bounds.  

Berkeley Heights should not be in the real estate business, brokering deals that favor a select few and are generally not supported by the people footing the bill.  

Zoning laws such as this one and others the town gets involved in is a misuse of political power and works against laissez faire economics and should be reduced at all opportunity.